The Dangers of Playing God...It's No Secret

"Our most effective defense against the dangers of New Age Deception is and always will be: The saving truths of our Catholic Faith!

Compiled By: Sharon Lee Giganti, 2008© This is Clare McGrath Merkle's website - - she's a faithful Catholic, and a great New Age denouncer-having been there herself! This website is awesome-it has MANY articles, notes, Church Documents, and much helpful information on all things New Age and New Thought . . . everything from reiki, yoga, the enneagram, centering prayer, A Course in Miracles, eastern forms of meditation . . . you name it. (A great resource: her 4 taped EWTN interviews with Johnette Benkovic, called: "New Age, yoga, reiki: Health or Stealth?" Available for purchase on the Living His Life Abundantly Web site, listed directly below) Clare echoes on this site, time and again, what most apologists and former New Agers say: that it truly is difficult to get those caught up in New Age / New Thought, to see it's fallacy and danger, as most will no longer listen to "reason" or "rational thinking". At the end of her article, "Yoga, health or Stealth", (on her site) she explains why . . . and states again the general consensus, that INTERCESSORY PRAYER offers the most hope in drawing the victims out of New Age delusion. The next best tactic: she says that it also helps, of course, to arm yourself with knowledge of whatever New Age practice is being "delved into", so you can be prepared on your end of the dialogue, to reasonably point out it's errors or weak points hence, her website, offering you a wealth of information. Truly a treasure. Ditto for Johnette Benkovic's website 800-558-5452 (toll free order line)-another great Catholic and expert at denouncing all things New Age . . . I have read her book, The New Age Counterfeit and it is very helpful. It is designed so that it can be used as a "study guide" for anyone who wants to investigate these New Age topics with a group - - with "Reflections" and "Scripture Points" at the end of each section as well as simply being a handy guide for personal use. Here are the New Age, Eastern, and New Thought topics that are discussed (briefly, but powerfully) in this 124 pg. book: Centering Prayer vs. Authentic Contemplation, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, Transcendental Meditation, Wicca, Pagan spirituality, the Creation Spirituality of Mathew Fox, the occult roots of the enneagram, Carl Jung's Influence, the Human Potential Movement and the idea that, "You Create Your Own Reality", Christ Consciousness, How most aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism contradict our Catholic Faith, Zen, Theosophy, certain types of Catholic Feminism, Occult practices & Spirit Guides, Methods of Spiritism . . . What a gold-mine of information! Also, as stated above, you can purchase the Clare McGrath Merkle (regarding New Age) 4 taped EWTN interviews on this site, along with other helpful materials.


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